What is Cyber Crime

What is Cyber Crime

Find a computer in any criminal place or making an offense with a computer is called a Cyber Crime. Cyber crime is violation of privacy, theft of any personal information from the computer and/or misusing it. Cyber Crime is a crime that involves computers and networks.

Cyber crime can be committed in many ways, such as stealing information, erasing information, changing information, giving confidential information to someone or stealing or destroying computer parts. There are many types of cybercrime, such as spam email, hacking, phishing, viruses, getting someone’s information online, or keeping an eye on someone at all times (cyber stalking), all of which comes under Cyber Crime.

Types of Cyber ​​Crime


Spam Email

You get a lot of emails, one of them is such email which may damage the computer or data. Attackers can send a virus through the link in the email and when you click them, the computer is easily hacked.


Hacking and gaining control of others’ computer, stealing their personal information, such as user name or password or changing it are cyber crimes.

Spreading the Virus

Cyber criminals can send some software to your computer which may contain hidden viruses, worms, Trojan horse, logic horse etc. It can cause significant damage to your data and computer.

Software Piracy

 Fabricating duplicate software and selling at cheap prices is also a cyber crime. Software companies have to suffer heavy losses due to this as well as your precious equipments are also damaged.

Rumor on Social Networking Sites

Many people work on spreading social, ideological, religious and political rumors on social networking sites. It’s also called cyber Crime.

Cyber Bulling

Making an indescribable comment on social media like Facebook, threatening on Internet, making someone joke up to it, embarrassing others on the Internet, it is called cyber bulling.