The Cincinnati Red player tested covid positive

The Cincinnati Red player tested covid positive

After the match in Cincinnati, the tram was sound to Covid positive and the chances of infection have been increased. The report of the team was received after the match on Friday. 

They have been tested positive once again and have not played since July 29. All the players have been quarantined once again with complete safety and sanitization. 

MLB players also tested Covid positive

match in Cincinnati

  • MLB players have tested covid positive from none to 54 after the test on Thursday, while the rise in the number of cases in the United States. Players of MLB were not positive for the previous day’s test but on the last day, they tested positive as per the report of the officer on Friday. 
  • In the test of MLB, from the total collected samples which were 172,740, and from it, 91 of them were tested positive.
  • The positive people were sent to the hospital, to be quarantined for 10 days in the hospital, they will be treated there by several doctors. And will join MLB once their report is negative again. They all have been quarantined separately to stop the increase in the spread of infection to other people. 

Justin Turner tested Covid Positive

  • On Tuesday night, the Dodgers of Los Angeles won the most awaited World Series. But Justin Turner was ruled out from the eighth inning of World Series Game 6 after he was tested positive for COVID-19.
  • In between the innings, Turner was made to leave so he was not on the field to celebrate their winning along with his teammates after the final match. At that time no one knew why he left until his diagnosis report was released. 
  • At the time of celebration was still going on in the field Kevin Burkhardt broke the news in front of the media in a TV interview. He said Turner has been isolated in the hospital and is undergoing treatment. He is kept alone to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

MLB has been postponed due to Covid Positive player

  • Major baseball league (MLB) 2020 has been postponed after 8 players of MLB have been tested positive twice. They were tested positive before and were quarantined for many days. Again the report of their second test is positive. 
  • The MLB sports association has decided to delay the match for up to 2 weeks and will be heard when the condition is safe and the players’ report comes negative again. 
  • The complete stadium will be sanitized again and the match will be held following the guidelines of the pandemic. During the match, the social distancing will be maintained and very less audience or no audience will be allowed to the stadium. 
  • The players have been given all the treatment and before the match players will be quarantined for 14 days in a separate room and before the match whole members of MLB will be tested again. 
  • Until the condition comes under control the game will remain postponed.